Anti-Spam Policy

Qwibble does not get along well with spam. In fact Qwibble has such a strong dislike for spam that if anyone is found spamming Qwibble links they will have their member account terminated. Of course you're more than welcome to link to Qwibble from anywhere but if you use your unique member ID in the link we consider that spamming. If you come across someone spamming Qwibble links please send us a report with the Contact form.

Merchant Spam:
If Qwibble receives reports of fraudulent transactions from a merchant you risk having your member account terminated along with any unpaid earnings. Qwibble will only pay out on genuine transactions.

Qwibble Spam:
In keeping with its anti-spam policy Qwibble will NEVER send you an email to your member email account (except for emails regarding your member account or our newsletters). Also Qwibble will never share your email address or account information with third parties. If you wish to receive news of special merchant offers and discounts please sign up to the Qwibble newsletter.